In the Apennines between Emilia and Tuscany, in the heart of Italy, you will find Romagna, where nature offers amazing landscapes with its green countryside, forests of many colors through the seasons and its imperious mountains. In this unbeatable area for price and beauty  Primacollina offers the possibility to buy farmhouses, farms, villas, castles and rustic stone houses.
You will love the food, the wine, the traditions and the artisan products of a land located in the triangle between Florence, Bologna and Parma. It is here, where the roots of Italian art and culture started.
Primacollina offers its own property with direct sales, without an intermediary, this avoids the customer having extra additional expenses. Primacollina also offers a comprehensive consulting service during the purchase and in the following stages, to give you the guarantee of a quick and pleasant transition to your new property.

Italy, thanks to its favorable geographical position, offers landscapes of extraordinary beauty and variety: from the woods to the countryside, from the hills to the lakes and the snow-capped mountains down to the sea.
Primacollina offers you the opportunity to purchase a property, in this amazing location, deep in the Apennines where  Emilia Romagna joins Tuscany, where the roads connect us to the cities of art and culture, where the kitchen still retains the traditional flavours and the wines are produced with love from grapes from vines kissed by the Mediterranean sun.



Primacollina caters to our local client base and to the international customer, offering a complete service in all phases of the property purchase: In Italy this is notably the service to work through the local legal notary practices.

Primacollina will deal with all contacts with the land, Italian mortgage practices, counseling and assistance to rent and for sale, and the complete technical and legal assistance required.

Primacollina offers its properties to all its customers either international or local, without an intermediary, thus avoiding the customer having any additional expenses.